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Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Juvenile Fiction

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The plot of Unvamped follows three characters – a vampire, a werewolf and a witch. The story begins, when Charles, a vampire, drinks the blood of a young witch, Ellie Cooper, who in return, puts a curse on him that turns him back into a human teenager. While trying to break the curse that Ellie isn't even really sure how she cast to begin with, Charles is living his life as our average teen boy, complete with chores, school and girls. 

Lee, the young werewolf in the story, is shown throughout the book struggling with coming to terms that he even is a werewolf. Most of Lee's time is spent at the wolf camp where by the end of the story, he finds himself as a person and werewolf. 

As this is all happening, Charles and Ellie, who is also referred to as "Pet", are falling for each other, despite the fact that she has a boyfriend and he has a whole life as vampire he can't even remember. 


The story is told in three different points of view, which one would think makes reading more enjoyable so you can get the main character's different perspectives on what's going on, but it does the exact opposite. As it switches back and forth between Charles and Ellie, it becomes a bit redundant considering they are together and experiencing the same things for the majority of the book. I expected more from this book based on the sypnopsis but I suppose there is only so much that can be done in the whole realm of supernatural creatures. This book had so much potential with its plot, that actually was interesting, if only the characters were more likeable. My other problem with the book was its ending, a typical cliffhanger. As a lover of spernatural storylines, I may just have high expectations when going into reading a book like this. I'd recommend this to anyone who was a fan of supernatural books, but it definetly isn't your typical vampire romance novel.

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Content rating - some mature content

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The most mature content I can remember reading would be a kissing, flirting, etc. but nothing that really crosses a line such as sexual comments or situations.



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