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UnEntitled by Alex Richwagen is a practical guide to personal success in corporate America. This practical guide covers a range of every-day topics from mentorship to promotions to interviewing well. Each chapter has been sharply crafted so there are no wasted words. The sentences and ideas are punchy and pithy. The emphasis in this book is on "personal" success but not individualism, where a person starts looking out only for himself or herself. The goal of personal success and leadership is the good of the company (if it's a good company) and the building up of others. It might sound counter-intuitive, but the harder and smarter you work for others, the more benefits will come your way. The highlights of this book are the sections on mentorship, leadership, and communication. 


UnEntitled by Alex Richwagen is an exceptionally practical guide to personal success in corporate America. His practical tips give good insights on personal work ethic and behavior. His tips on communication and leadership are insightful. His chapters give good reason to reconsider what leadership entails. I especially appreciated his emphasis on servant leadership and considering the needs, thoughts, situations, and work of others. Personal success cannot be achieved through selfishness. It is achieved when the company succeeds and when coworkers are also succeeding. I believe servant leadership is a critical component missing in much of corporate America. Richwagen's book offers an insightful counterbalance to the selfishness that pervades much of corporate America.

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There were a few curse words in the book, but only a few. It is a book for adults because the content is for people who work in corporate America.




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