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In the book Someone to Look Up To by Jean Gill, a dog named Sirius of the Soum de Gaia (nicknamed Izzie), tells of his life living in France going from owner to owner. First he lives with his breeder and his family, Soum de Gaia. One of his brothers, Stratos, is the one he looks up to at that time. In his ninth week he goes to live with married couple Marc and Christine. After them, he lives with Jean-Pierre and Berlye and their family, only to be given to the S.P.A. In the S.P.A. he meets all sorts of dogs, from child biting Maisie to kind and gentle Jack. Izzie meets his brother Stratos again in the S.P.A. He also meets a sweet eighteen-year-old volunteer named Elodie, whom he calls the Princess. After a while his breeder comes and takes him back to the place of his birth where he is reunited with one of his sisters and his mother. Izzie stays with his breeder for three years and starts to give up on his hopes and dreams. But there may be something to change his mind. 


I thought this book was very good and written in a remarkable way. The author shows what a dog thinks about the world. For example, the dog thinks that the humans should be the ones trained, not himself. There were moments where the book moved along slowly. However, this would be a great book for a rainy day or for comprehensive questions. This would be a good book that a family reads together or for a tween. There aren’t very many big or hard words. All in all, I thought it was a nice book. 

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