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Puppies on Parade, Let's Learn the States is a children's picture book created by Julie Snodgrass and Meagan Martucci.  This is a picture book for preschool and kindergarten ages as well as for young children to the third grade.  The plot of this picture book is all about a dog named Darla who invites readers on an adventure in learning all about the United States.  Darla introduces all her friends from each state.  Each of Darla's friends will re-introduce themselves with something special about their state, their breed, and one thing that they like about the state they live in, from the state bird and flower to when their state entered the Union.  


Julie Snodgrass and Meagan Martucci created this picture book for all who like and adore dogs.  Reading Puppies on Parade is a fun way for children to learn about the states and is a great teaching resource dealing with the following subjects:  language arts, science, and social studies/history.  The language arts lessons could use the verses of what each puppy tells about themselves for there are rhyming words to see and hear, making learning to read fun.  Science lessons could be lessons on the state flowers and birds.   Social studies/history lessons could use the dates the states became a part of the US as well as a geography lesson with the maps that were part of each page.  The illustrations were realistic and vivid.  In the last few pages, the authors presented puzzles and games from word-find puzzles to scrambled words and a few other word games.  There was even one game where the readers had to go back through the book to locate dog biscuits and one where they had to match the puppy pictures with the state where they live.  I am a teacher/caregiver, and I will use this book in many lesson activities whenever possible.

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