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Pukey Poetry: Tale Ticklers by Mz Millipede is a humorous collection of poetry for children by Dorianne Allister Winkler. With poems like “Toe-Jam Sam,” “Bloated Toaded,” and “Gaggleburps,” the collection certainly lives up to its name, Pukey Poetry; but these poems are cute and funny. Each poem is accompanied by a colorful illustration that brings the words to life. Kids can search for Mz Millipede, who is hiding in each picture. Some of the artwork reminded me of the illustration style of Steven Kellogg - detailed, whimsical, a little bit wacky and exaggerated.



I like how many of the poems in Pukey Poetry address topics that children can relate to, like having a lollipop too big to finish before dinner, being afraid of what’s lurking under the bed, and having a little brother who acts like a monster. Some of my favorite poems in this cute collection were: “O’l Steg,” a funny poem about a stegosaurus who gobbles up anything green, “Wafflerus or Pandacake,” which tells the story of a walrus who eats waffles and a panda who eats pancakes, and “A Secret Feast,” where a left out piece of cake results in a midnight bug feast.

Many of the poems have a positive message, like “Skink the Skouse,” which promotes being polite and respectful. However, I didn't like the behavior shown in “Toe-Jam Sam" (“When I grow up I’d like to live like Sam, ‘Cause no one tells him what to do, He won’t say thank you ma’am”), but the poem does end with, "I'd make him my best friend--as long as every light stayed on, and it was all 'pretend.'"

Because some of the vocabulary used may be advanced for the intended age range (ex: heed and singed) and some poems, like “Froogley Man,” might scare younger children, I would recommend that parents and children read the poems together.  This way, they can discuss the topics and themes of the poems.

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