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Protostar (The Star-Crossed Saga)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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The Star-Crossed Saga: Protostar lives up to its name. This descriptively written prose leads a reader down a path that is synonymous with the original star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. This lovely scientific fiction is about William an alien who has one mission to restore honor to his family by killing a Star-Child. Enter the oh so beautiful Star-Child of earth, Sydney. In many milliseconds, hours and minutes they ended up find each other falling for the other. And William must choose between duty and love.


Did you enjoy that scintillating summary? It mirrors the best of my bland ability to imitate the writer's style. It was all well and good, but wouldn't it have been nicer to get to the point? I enjoyed how Mr. Cosby went into detail with the back stories of certain characters in the beginning of the book (which you will see) in a subtle way allowing the reader enough structure and foundation that would lead to him or her adding bricks. Do I recommend this book? Yes, it fits the bill. And I like how the Mr. Crosby blends Sci-fi and Romance.

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