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by Kelley Armstrong
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction
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When she was just three years old, Eden Larson's parents were arrested for serial killing. Now a young adult, she has no knowledge of this dark past. Renamed Olivia by her adoptive parents, she lives the life of a privileged socialite, doing volunteer work and attending parties. This all changes when the media finds out that she is the long-lost Eden Larson, and the reputations of her family and fiance are threatened. Olivia leaves her home and moves to Cainsville, where she works with the sneaky lawyer Gabriel to figure out whether her parents are in fact guilty of murder. As Olivia gathers the information she needs to make a decision about her future relationship with her biological parents, she is faced with many difficult decisions and dangerous situations. 


Omens is a fantastic book! The plot is fast paced and exciting, and I was hooked from the very first chapter.

Olivia, Gabriel, and the many characters are relatable and realistic, with a nice balance between their positive traits and character flaws. Olivia is resourceful and genuine, and her determination to earn respect and do the right thing makes her a great female lead. Gabriel, the smooth-talking, secretive lawyer is presented as corrupt and untrustworthy, but the reader is given glimpses of his sweet side throughout the text. His growth throughout the story adds to the plot, and enforces the theme of things not always being what they seem. 

Although the story is a realistic fiction detective story, references to the supernatural are scattered throughout the text. These supernatural elements provided by the unique town of Cainsville give the story a dark, suspenseful flavor. This added dimension gives Omens the push it needs to stand out.

I would recommend Omens to teens and young adults that enjoy mysteries, suspense, and action. 

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