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North’s Pole is a picture book set in the North Pole in Santa’s Village! The elf, North, is the leader for all new elves who need a job in the Village. After successfully placing elves in their perfect roles, North notices that the elf, Tess, is without a job and is very upset about it. It is North’s job to help Tess find her niche in the village, so they visit various places within the village to discover Tess’s true role. After visiting places like the bakery, the workshop, and more, Tess realizes her talent! With the help of North’s leadership and encouragement, Tess feels like she finally belongs in the holiday village and is ready to share her talent with the children of the world!


North’s Pole is a perfect picture book for readers of any age. Not only does the setting create festive and exciting energy for the holidays, but it also is set in Santa’s Village. The illustrations encapsulate the setting and incorporate vibrant tones of red and detailed images of the village and its intricacies. These details will catch the attention of young readers who are fascinated with elves, Santa, and the North Pole. The characters are also perfectly described in the illustrations. Readers can determine exactly what characters are feeling like when Tess is upset that she has not found her role in the village. Readers can also see North and her kind and encouraging manner towards Tess. North is a great leader to Tess because she shows patience and understanding towards Tess’s feelings. This is a great lesson for readers because the book shows the significance of kindness, leadership, and discovering talents. Tess is ultimately able to find where she belongs in the world of Christmas, and this lesson can help readers feel encouraged in their self-discovering journey.

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Perfect for all ages.



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