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North of Nowhere
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fiction
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In the book North of Nowhere by Liz Kessler, Mia goes to stay with her grandmother in Porthaven because her grandfather has disappeared. In Porthaven, Mia has no friends and her mother is busy trying to comfort her grandmother. One day she wanders onto an old boat in the harbor. On the boat she finds a diary from a girl named Dee. She and Dee write to each other in the diary almost every day. They plan to meet but everytime they are supposed to meet something happens and they don't get to meet each other. Finally, Mia meets Peter and he becomes her friend. Mia tells Peter about Dee and he wants to meet her too. Later, Peter is missing and Mia meets his sister Sal. They find a compass Peter left from Mia. The two girls take the old boat out to look for Peter. A storm comes up and the wind pushes them to an island. Peter and Dee are on a rooftop because the storm is flooding the island and it washed away the harbor. The girls can't get the boat close enough to the island to help. The girls return home to find help. No one believes them when they tell about the island. They use a computer to look for information about the island and find it was washed away a long time ago. They don't know what to do to help Peter and Mia. The answer to their problem is a surprise ending to this interesting book.


This book was both science fiction and a mystery that needed to be solved. I liked that I could not figure out the mystery until the author told what happened. It kept me guessing and interested all through the book. I usually figure out the ending after the second clue in most mysteries. This is probably one of the best books I have read in a long time. I wish this book was a series, I would like to read more just like this one. I have read some of the author's other books about Emily Winsnap and I really liked those too.

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