The Mother-Daughter Book Club: Mother-Daughter Boo...
Mother-Daughter Book Camp (The Mother-Daughter Book Club)
by Heather Vogel Frederick
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Chick Lit
Five Star Award

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Join the five daughters of The Mother-Daughter Book Club for one final adventure: summer camp. With three months left before college, Emma, Jess, Becca, Megan and Cassidy decide to be camp counselors together at Camp Lovejoy, a six-week girls' program. Cassidy looks forward to her sister Courtney's wedding, Jess and Megan are going to their dream colleges, Becca can't wait to start school with her boyfriend, but Emma struggles to get over her recent breakup. Fortunately Camp Lovejoy is everything the girls hoped it would be: picturesque views, a lake, trails and mountains, and surprisingly good food. But camp has a few things the girls hadn't bargained for. Jess' stuck-up cousin Felicia steals Jess' spot as Emma's co-counselor and the three get off to a rocky start. Then, a bad case of homesickness hits the Mother-Daughter Book Club cabins and the girls struggle with trying to keep the tears off their campers' faces. Luckily, Emma comes up the bright idea of starting a book club right there at camp to cure homesickness and it seems that one disaster is prevented...until Cassidy starts a prank war with the boys' camp. Between the various activites at camp and the numerous escapades the girls get into, the five friends have their hands full of fun, friends and their campers.


The Mother-Daughter Book Camp was, in my opinion, the best of the seven prequels. It's a fun ride in a beautiful setting and there's something exciting that happens every chapter. From a skunk episode to a luau, this book has it all and more. Although I was sad to see the girls part ways, the book ended with a lot of hope for the future and plans to get together, so I found both plot and ending to be satisfactory. Besides a wonderfully written story, The Mother-Daughter Book Camp also encourages readers to look forward with hope and not fear, as well as advice on befriending enemies.

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