A Most Magical Girl review by SoccerGirl15
A Most Magical Girl
by Karen Foxlee
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Adventure

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In the book A Most Magical Girl there are two girls - Annabel who is sent to live with her strange great aunts, and Kitty, a witch. The girls start to worry when they meet Mr. Angel, a dark wizard. Both Annabel and Kitty try to defeat the evil Mr. Angel and his dark magic. The two girls become involved in a magical quest to rescue the sacred Morever wand. The only way to find the wand is to defeat danger and overcome obstacles. 


Of the two girls, I think Annabel is the most magical, even though she was raised as a proper young lady: Annabel is able to use magic to save Kitty with a wand, uses her broomstick to trick a dragon, and also has a looking glass to see things with. Kitty’s only magical ability is a light that shines from her mouth. Kitty is a little mean to Annabel, maybe because Kitty survived out in the wild while Annabel lived in a more civilized, ladylike manner. Around the end of the book Kitty says “The trouble with Annabel is she makes everyone love her however hard you try not to”. So, I think that Kitty learned to like Annabel.


This book is almost impossible to put down, the story makes you worry that the evil Mr. Angel will actually win. It has lots of action and suspense along the way. Overall A Most Magical Girl is a great book. I like how every chapter starts with a saying from Annabel’s old life. One thing I didn’t like was that whenever you hear Mr. Angel talking it’s in italics. I think that it should be separated with a different chapter. Fans of Harry Potter and dark wizards will enjoy this novel.

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