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Lara's Gift
by Annemarie O'Brien
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Are Lara's visions a gift or a curse?  Lara grows up the daughter of a kennel steward in Russia.  She has a way with dogs that no one else has and has been promised the job when she grows up.   When Papa says a puppy won't live Lara decides it will after a vision she has.  Papa allows her to keep the pup but makes her promise never to speak of the vision again.  Not only does Lara have to hide her visions but she also finds out she has to leave her beloved dogs.  When her new brother arrives Lara finds out that the position of kennel steward is no longer hers and she has to learn a trade that would make her more suitable for marriage.   Lara's Gift, by Annemarie O'Brien is a wonderful dog story full of courage, excitement and love. 


This was a book that kept me enthralled from the beginning until the very end.  When I finished I wished it were part of a series and I could keep reading. The author did a great job making the characters seem real and alive.  I liked having the glossary in the back so I could see what the Russian words meant too.  This is a story for all dog lovers but it is also a story for anyone who likes a good book.

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