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Isla Dilah’s Nursery Rhymes is written by Isla’s grandmother about the special times they spend together. Nana has incorporated their family animals into classic nursery rhymes and made each of them special for Isla. From Bah Bah Black Sheep to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Nana has created a world of rhyme around Isla Dilah, and readers get to be a part of it!


Isla Dilah’s Nursery Rhymes is a great bedtime read for young readers. Not only does it incorporate poetry and basic rhymes for beginning readers, but it also includes illustrations that are similar to an animated movie. They match each nursery rhyme and provide a clear picture for readers while they experience each poem. However, the book is not only filled with classic nursery rhymes; it also has a normal narrative flowing within the rhymes. This can be confusing to readers because the story does not necessarily follow a plot, and it does not fit in with the rhymes. Despite this minor bit of confusion, the characters throughout the book are vibrant, exciting, and funny. Not only does Isla and her Nana appear as characters, but family animals also run and play in each rhyme, which is appealing to young readers who love animals. Young readers will enjoy the familiarity of the nursery rhymes, the cute funny animals, and the motion-picture like illustrations; however, this book seems more suited to be a gift that Nana created just for Isla. It might be difficult for readers outside of the family to understand the plot and why the new rhymes are different from the originals. 

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