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The Incredibly Amazing and Magical Flying Chair by Bob Shumaker and Nancy Machlis Rechtman features the story of Noah Gibson, a seventh-grader who cherishes an undying love for magic. His father’s mysterious disappearance has deeply troubled the entire family, and Noah is no exception in this regard. Although his father could barely make ends meet with his meager income as a magician, Noah is determined to follow his father’s path and remain involved with magic shows. He is especially interested in the chair in the attic as his father had always claimed it is magical, and he believes that it will indeed work and transport him to other places someday. Following a series of harmless lies that he tells the class involving his trip to London and Rome that never happened, he finds himself in a position where he must make the magical chair work. If he succeeds, he might be able to bring his father back.


Bob Shumaker and Nancy Machlis Rechtman’s The Incredibly Amazing and Magical Flying Chair is an engaging and unique read. I found it especially difficult to put it down while reading the last few pages as it is packed with exciting events. I absolutely loved the character of Ms. Rushmore; she possesses a number of admirable qualities that make a teacher stand out from the rest. No amount of advice from anyone brings Noah back from the maze of lies he creates, rather it is her kindness that enables him to view his life from a different perspective. Besides, I also liked the way Shumaker and Rechtman built the character of Noah. Noah constantly tries to find his father in himself. Moreover, he feels a fatherly urge to protect his little sister, especially due to the absence of a father figure in his family. I think many readers in a situation somewhat or mostly similar to his will be able to relate to Noah. While my feelings about the book are mostly positive, there is something that I would like to mention. I think the title is a little verbose and bland at the same time, and it is something that may turn some readers away. Regardless, once picked, the book can be enjoyed by children aged 10-12.

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