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Can you imagine knowing when people will die? Would it be a curse or a blessing? Would you help people or let them die? Well, that is exactly what Leo was challenged with. He’s usually shy anyway, but now he has a real reason to not look people in the eye. When an enemy causes Leo to accidentally look into his best friend's eyes, he sees the worst of all! His friend is going to die in a week by MURDER! The only detail he sees is a jacket with a cobra and his friend with a knife in him. After some long nights of searching and horrible texts, the day finally comes for J.C. to die. Does he die? Does he live for another year? Read the book to find out.


I Know When You're Going to Die by Michael J. Bowler is an amazingly written book full of suspense, friendship, and murder. This genre is my favorite, so I loved the book. The characters were easy to relate to with some things but not others. I loved the friendship J.C. had with his two best friends, and I liked how his enemy was always in the way. This book had so many details, which made it fun to read. I definitely recommend I Know When You're Going to Die to teens because there are some graphic details, but besides that and a little bit of language, the book is AMAZING!  

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There is some graphic content when he explains how they died.




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