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Theresa Martinez, the main character in Ghosters by Diana Corbitt, moves into her grandparents' old abandoned mansion after her mom dies, not expecting much. However, soon after, she, her father, and her younger brother, Joey, move in, Theresa starts noticing unusual things happening. Theresa thinks that ghosts are responsible, but her dad definitely does not believe in ghosts. Then, Theresa meets a girl at school, Kerry, whose aunt was the realtor for the mansion. Kerry also thinks the house is haunted and asks Theresa if she could come over to check the place out. Things really start to get interesting when the girls find out that their favorite TV show, Ghosters, is having a ghost-hunting competition. The person who makes the best recording of a ghost gets $200,000. Will Theresa, Kerry and Joey find that there really are ghosts in the mansion?  Will they be able to record them? Will they win the competition?


Ghosters by Diana Corbitt, is a very fast-paced and suspenseful read. I always felt like something bad was going to happen, but it always seemed to work out. Corbitt’s vivid descriptions of the mysterious rooms and the ghosts made it easy for me to imagine what Theresa and Kerry were experiencing. With only three main characters and a couple minor characters, I found it easy to keep track of all of them. I felt that the characters were all realistic. Theresa’s brother Joey has Aspergers, and his inability to lie added an interesting twist to the story. This story has a positive message: if you believe in something, stand up for what you believe in, and don’t let someone else dissuade you. Theresa’s dad strongly discouraged Theresa from trying to film ghosts for the competition, but she was determined, and eventually it paid off. I highly recommend Ghosters for lovers of mystery and adventure from ages 8-15. 

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