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Elise the Actress: Climax of the Civil War (1865) (Sisters in Time #13)
by Norma Jean Lutz
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 9
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Ten-year-old Elise is trying to take people's minds off the hardships of the Civil War. She puts on skits and writes funny poems and clever riddles for her family, friends, and neighbors. One day while shopping for her family, Elise runs into a man who is labeled a traitor. Milton Finney is hated and mistreated by his neighbors because his son went to fight for the South. But tender-hearted Elise feels sorry for Mr. Finney and begins to leave riddles for him. She could never suspect that reaching out to him in kindness would one day save his life! This book is packed with activity and excitement. There are many events that describe the terrible times the country was going through during the Civil War-especially when a brave and noble president was assassinated! To find out how Elise and her family and friends make it through this difficult time, read Elise the Actress!


I liked this book because Elise is so much like a real girl of today, even though the story takes place during the 1800s. She has a sense of humor and is very sharp and smart. Elise faces some really tough problems but relies on her faith to give her strength to get through them. Making people feel better during the war and helping out wherever she can are things a real girl might do, so this is an inspiring story. Also, this book is never boringsome parts are sad and some are funny, and there is always something exciting going on to keep the reader turning the pages. Altogether, it's a great book, and I recommend it, especially to readers who enjoy the American Girl books.

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