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Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game, Vol. 1.0
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
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Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game by Sean Austin is about the video game Echo's Revenge becoming a reality for its online players. The book is written around two brothers, Reggie and Jeremy, and starts in the small town of Meadowbrooke, Washington, with both of them playing Echo's Revenge. Reggie is one of the top players in the world of Echo's Revenge, and as such, he's able to kill the Echo in the game. However, their real life is not so good, with Reggie and Jeremy living with their absentee mother and their abusive step-father Asa. Reggie, being one of the top, was invited to the top players conference at the AAA Reality Games headquarters, but Asa forbids him to go, throwing the invitational letter into the fireplace. Reggie decides to go anyways, and once there, he meets all the other top gamers.After Reggie gets home from the conference, Asa discoversthat he disobeyed him, and both brothers enact Operation:Thunderbolt, their plan to escape Asa and go to their dad's house in Pasadena. However, they encounter many trials along the way and end up facing their greatest fear: a real life Echo. Full of danger, Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game is a riveting adventure full of unexpected turns and twists.


Although being varied and having many things going on within it, "Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game" can be evaluated in three ways: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.The Good:Although the idea of a video game coming to life is not a new concept, Sean Austin explores it in a way previously unseen in a story, making it distinctly unique. Also, it is a relatively short read, so it can easily be read on any schedule. And finally, it's conclusion leaves it very suspenseful, leaving the reader thirsting for more. I know that I cannot wait for the next book. The Bad:Although there are hidden twists and secrets behind the book, the majority of the book is extremely predictable. It can make the book a bore at times and makes it a lower level reading material. The Ugly:Although I understand this was an uncorrected advanced readers copy, the book is in desperate need of just a basic grammar and spell check. Mistakes are riddled all throughout the book, which makes the book a confusing read. It is not fit to be published until these mistakes are corrected.


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