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Milly is constantly bullied by Amelia. Everyday Amelia makes fun of her, threatens her and constantly puts her down. Milly can't tell anyone because Amelia is her. Milly also can't remember anything from her past, to when her parents were alive. She wants to know so badly want happened to her parents and what life was like before they died. After her house catches on fire, she and her grandpa move in with her Aunt Rachel who is hot and cold. One minute she is kind to Milly, the next she turns to ice. Milly finds Aunt Rachel's diary and begins to read it. She feels so compelled to know what happened to her family through this diary because Amelia knows what happened, but she wants Milly gone.  


I thought this book was very different from most of the books I've read. I very much enjoyed reading this story because you don't know what has happened to her family and you are just as much in the dark as Milly. As Milly grows, you grow. The fact that Milly's worst enemy is literally herslf, makes this book more interesting. You don't see many books where the character has DID (dissociative identity disorder), and it gives you an insight onto what people who have DID go through.

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Amelia makes Milly cut, becuase Amelia needs a release. You find out that Milly's grandfather is actually her father and that he raped her actual mother who then ended up killing herslef.



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