Death, Doom, and Detention review by R. Mae
Death, Doom, and Detention
by Darynda Jones
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Paranormal

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Age at time of review - 13
Reviewer's Location - Middleville, Michigan, United States
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Lorelei is a normal teen, or she was before she discovered she is possessed by a demon that should have killed her. Everything thing she knows is falling apart, she has a crush on the angel of death, her best friend is trying to get her to train her ability's and to top it all off, she is being hunted by something evil and deadly. All Lorelei wants is her old life back, but she doesn't want to give up everything she loves.



Darynda Jones, who is an expert YA writer, happens to have a thing for cliff hangers. I was absolutely thrilled by Darynda's sequel to Death and the Girl Next Door. Of all the possible ways to antagonize me, she ended with a cliff hanger! Of course, I do really love a cliff hanger...

Lorelei proved to be an excellent MC once again, her epic humor and choice in friends was perfect. Brooke is still my favorite character, although I feel Glitch is just as oblivious as ever. The characters in Death, Doom and Detention really add to the story, fighting invincible monsters could get boring without some fun. I was impressed by the plot in Death and the Girl Next Door, but the plot in this one practically threw me off my feet. I love action.  I don't think you can ever have enough action in a book, but silliness really makes up for it where it is lacked. I think Lorelei could get into a couple more scrapes in the next book *crosses fingers*, but I will survive if she doesn't.

To sum it up, I continue to love Darynda Jones' beautiful writing, and I think I always will!

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