Change of Heart review by sisto8
Change of Heart (Robyn Hunter Mysteries)
by Norah McClintock
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Mystery
Five Star Award

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This book is about Robbie, a girl who helps her friends solve their problems.  Right now, her best friend Morgan is having a series of troubles.  Morgan had just dumped her boyfriend Billy after finding out a popular guy, who is a famous teen hockey player, wanted to be her boyfriend.  After Billy got dumped, he went from a sweet, loving character to a person who was getting in fights and stalking people.  Sean, Morgan’s new boyfriend, bugged Billy about losing Morgan.   Eventually, they got into a fight.  Morgan considered Billy a dangerous bully.  During one of Sean’s hockey games, he lost his helmet. Sean refused to play until someone found it.  A coach found it, and Sean went back on the ice to play.  After a rough block from the other team Sean became unconscious and the helmet looked like someone purposefully broke it.  Sean turned out okay, but was forbidden from playing games for a while.  He was forbidden from playing but not practicing.  He went to the rink late one night and was found murdered on the ice the next morning.  Morgan tells the detective that she suspects Billy.  After Billy’s arrest, Robbie is determined to go out and prove her wrong.


I like this book because of the excitement.  Robbie was always going up trails, sometimes turning back to the main trail until she found the correct answer.  I couldn’t stop reading the book after the first page.  The entire book was realistic.  The characters were very real.  The fights always sounded like what fights are.  The characters appeared to be like normal people.  Robbie was like a real detective, but she didn’t go past the boundaries of being a teen.  This book is good for anyone 12+.  I recommend it to anyone who loves mystery mixed with adventure.

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