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Calvin The Cookie Maker
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Juvenile Fiction

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Age at time of review - 13
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Calvin is ten, and it's Christmas. He comes home one day to find that his parents aren't home from their jobs yet. So while waiting, hes watches a cooking show. A cookie cooking show. He makes a Cookie Book for his parents, but they are so busy with their own things, they don't really notice.

Calvin is invited by the best kids on his hockey team to play with them in the three-on-three hockey tournament, but his best friend, Perry, already wants to play with him (and he's not very good at hockey). 

What will he do? Read â€‹Calvin the Cookie Maker to find out!


This book was cute. I found it to be less of an older child's book and more of the type of bedtime story you might read to your six-year-old.

This book was really short. I finished it in under fifteen minutes. I generally enjoy non-fiction books and books that include animals, such as horses, so I had a hard time relating with the characters in this book, but Calvin was a cute main character, and I liked his dad.

Caroline Akervik is an excellent author. I read another book by her, A Horse Named Viking, and loved it. 

As previously mentioned, I would probably recommend this for an age range of three to eight. It would be wonderful for a child just learning to read.

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There was nothing at all bad in this book- totally small child safe.

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