Calvin the Cookie Maker
Calvin The Cookie Maker
Calvin the Cookie Maker
It’s December in Wisconsin and not quite Christmas, which means it’s already cold and snowy and all Calvin Greene can think about is Christmas. After watching a cooking show on TV, he is inspired to make a glittery Christmas Cookie Book that he tries to share with his parents, but they’re too busy to pay attention. Adding to Calvin’s holiday blues, two of the best players on his hockey team want him to play with them in the Pond Hockey Tournament, but his best friend Perry, who’s not a very good hockey player, wants Calvin to play with him, too. What should Calvin do? A snow storm is coming, so who knows if the Pond Hockey will even happen? Life is crazy and Christmas is around the corner! Will Calvin and his family and friends have time to take a breath and enjoy the holiday season?

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Calvin is ten, and it's Christmas. He comes home one day to find that his parents aren't home from their jobs yet. So while waiting, hes watches a cooking show. A cookie cooking show. He makes a Cookie Book for his parents, but they are so busy with their own things, they don't really notice.

Calvin is invited by the best kids on his hockey team to play with them in the three-on-three hockey tournament, but his best friend, Perry, already wants to play with him (and he's not very good at hockey). 

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