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Age Range - 5 - 8
Genre - Picture book
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Bellies to the Sky follows four different animals in their respective habitats before the mother guides the young off to sleep for the night. In each place, the animal takes time to breathe in and out and relax before drifting into a soft slumber. The fierce lions in the Serengeti look to the orange sky and relax their fingers and toes after a long day of hunting and playing. The alert wolves in the arctic mountains look to the snowy stars and relax their legs and hips after guarding and running. The gentle deer relax their shoulders and arms while they breathe out to the trees in the forest, and the powerful horses look to the clear night sky as they relax their faces and tongues after grazing in the meadow. Each animal has a different home and different strengths, but they all must relax and sleep when the night comes.


Bellies to the Sky: A Bedtime Breathwork Book encapsulates the perfect bedtime read due to its dark and smooth illustrations, capturing setting and spiritual characters. Not only does the story lull readers to a deep slumber, but the illustrations soften vision and thoughts to complete relaxation. The illustrations also follow the text like when the animals breathe out to the sky, the picture shows the night sky in a peaceful setting. From the vibrant Serengeti to luscious fields, the various settings capture readers’ attention immediately. The story follows wolves in the arctic mountains, lions in the Serengeti, deer in a forest, and horses in a meadow. Each setting fits the characters’ strengths, and it shows readers that every personality-type can learn to breathe and relax. Overall, this picture book is perfect for readers of any age to experience and follow before drifting off to a restful sleep.

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Perfect for all ages.



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