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Ariel (Laura Geringer Books)
by Grace Tiffany
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"Ariel" by Grace Tiffany is a re-creation of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest". Ariel is a powerful spirit who does not possess a physical body. However, she can shift shape, control people's minds, create other spirits, and show images in the air. In the beginning of the book, Ariel starts out as a dream that belongs to a sailor named Jasper. A storm has swept Jasper onto an island. Over time, Jasper starts to go mad. He starts praying to his dreams and calls the spirit Ariel out of them. Jasper finally dies of his madness, but Ariel lives on. One day, a pregnant woman named Sycorax washes up onto the island. She and Ariel help each other to survive. Finally, Sycorax is about to give birth to her baby. She asks Ariel to help her, but Ariel cannot because she is only a spirit. Angry, Sycorax prays to her god, Setebos, to trap Ariel. Setebos turns Ariel into an ant and sticks her inside a tree! To find out what happens to Ariel, and Sycorax, read on for yourself!


"Ariel" is an enchanting book. Many interesting characters show up on Ariel's island, including Sycorax's "monster" son, Caliban; Prospero the farmer and his young daughter, Miranda; Alonso the king of Naples and his son, Ferdinand; Prospero's "evil" brother Antonio; and Ariel's three spirit minions- Acrazia, Nous, and Fantasia. At some points Ariel is a little slow, but other parts are exciting and read quickly. Readers who like "Treasure Island" and those who like Shakespeare's stories, would like Ariel.

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