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We promote reading and writing 
and help connect authors with readers.

At LitPick Book Reviews, we promote reading and writing globally among adults and students.  We also enjoy connecting readers with authors and publishers of a wide variety of titles and genres. 

Gary Cassel LitPick Book Reviews CEO Laura Smith LitPick Book Reviews Website Coordinator Trish Broome LitPick Book Reviews Social Media Manager
Gary Cassel Laura Smith Trish Broome
Founder & CEO Website Coordinator Social Media Manager
Gary Cassel, our CEO, was co-founder of Flamingnet Teen Book Reviews and LitPick Book Reviews, along with his son, Seth. Gary has been promoting reading and writing and connecting authors with readers online for over 20 years. He is now responsible for web development of LitPick, book review video productions, and for the day-to-day management of LitPick’s online reading and writing community of book reviewers, educators, authors, and publishers. Laura Smith is an office worker, freelance writer, blogger, and middle grade author from Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated from Carlow University with a BA in Creative Writing in 2007. Besides reviewing books for LitPick, she writes movie reviews for Horrorscreams Videovault, writes blogs for HubPages, and runs her own blog. Trish Broome has managed social media accounts for a variety of healthcare and nonprofit organizations. As the new Social Media Manager for LitPick, she looks forward to utilizing her writing, editing and research skills to create content that engages the online community and inspires authors and readers to share their love of literature.
Filippoo Selden LitPick Book Reviews Content Consultant Jessica Lewis LitPick Book Reviews Graphic Design and Media Consultant  
Filippo Selden Jessica Lewis  
Video Creation & Marketing Graphic Design & Media  
I am a creative rationalist. I like legos and numbers, but also art and logic. I don’t believe in black and white. Everything can be looked at differently. Anything can be great. I have 16 years of experience in marketing management, but I still curious as the first day. I never cease to challenge myself. I never allow myself to be dull or bored. I never stop looking ahead or asking questions. For me, passion and quality are two faces of the same coin. As a specialist on the consumer engagement & analytics team, Jessica is able to identify and prioritize marketing needs, develop strategies and plans to meet these needs, measure and analyze results, and recommend and implement new strategies, solutions, and programs to achieve goals. She has been an essential element in our rapid growth and in our success connecting authors to readers.  



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