Zadie and the Witch's Tea
Zadie and the Witch's Tea
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A little witch. A BIG wish. And two snooty sisters learn that kindness is more powerful than magic.

When Little Zadie’s sisters dash her hope of attending the biggest event of the Halloween season because she has no “witchy” magic, her determination and a surprising Fairy Hairy Godspider enchantment sends her as a special guest. The adult witches try to outdo each other casting spells and chanting charms to become the assistant to the most powerful witch in the land. But a kind gesture from Zadie wins the night and the title, and her sisters learn that kindness proves stronger than any magic they possess.

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  • Picture book

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  • 3 - 5
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The Grand Witch is looking for an assistant, but being the best at magic might not be the way to win. Sometimes, it’s a special gift that will help someone stand out. Youngest witch sister, Zadie, wishes to attend the Grand Witch’s Tea. When her Hairy Godspider grants this wish, Zadie joyfully attends the tea alongside her witch sisters. While Zilda and Zale compete for the Grand Witch’s attention using magic, Zadie has a unique gift to offer: kindness! The Grand Witch is ready to announce her decision, and everyone is likely to be surprised, especially Zadie.

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Zadie is a little witch with a big heart. She often finds herself being a smart witch and kind sister, even when her two older sisters act selfishly and unkindly. Her greatest wish is to be the best witch she can be. So, Zadie is thrilled when an invitation to be picked at the Witch's Tea party to become an assistant to the most powerful witch in the land arrives at her house. At least she is thrilled until her older sisters tell her that she is not good enough and is too small to go to the party.

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