You are Love: The Discovery of Happiness
You are Love: The Discovery of Happiness

While on her own unique journey through life, Sara Spowart has come to the enlightening realization that the highs and lows of life have been blessings in disguise that pushed her perspective beyond the usual way of seeing the world and towards a greater, more expansive understanding of reality. With the intent of improving global happiness levels, Spowart shares insight into her varied experiences, both good and bad, as well as lessons learned to help us either begin or grow our understanding of our true nature and interconnectedness with everything and everyone around us. Through a step-by-step road map, Spowart guides us inward to shift our perspective and begin living authentically, use pain as a helpful tool, become an observer, move through several stages to transform into a love-centered being, implement daily wellness practices, and eventually embrace and present our true selves to the world. Realizing Love shares experiences, life lessons, insights, and step-by-step guidance to help others feel happier, no matter the current situation or mindset.  from


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You Are Love is a self-help book that encourages readers to look within themselves and to find happiness. This book is written by Sara Spowart and calls upon her personal experiences in order to educate readers on their interconnectedness with everything and everyone around them. The book focuses on pain, suffering, and love, and begins with the author explaining the need to shift your perspective. She talks about the near-death experiences she has had and how she has learned to shift her perspective about these.

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