Sara Spowart PhD


I'm the founder and owner of Happiness Learned, LLC and work to help you reach higher levels of peace, happiness & self-compassion. I've done over 10,000 sessions & apply empathy, strength-building, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, REBT, Solution-Focused, EMDR, Narrative, Safe and Sound Protocol & Compassion-Focused Therapy. I provide in-person & Telehealth sessions. I create personalized happiness & self-compassion plans to figure out exactly how to get to where you want to be:) I specialize in working w/ children, couples, & individuals with stress & trauma. I'm able to provide lower cost session options for tele-health than in-person.
I'm an LMFT, currently completing my 2nd doctorate, working on my 3rd masters degree & the author of 2 books. I hold a PhD, 2 Master's degrees, a clinical hypnotherapist & yoga/mindfulness instructor. I'm also an Adjunct Professor at USF and author. Testimonials can be found on I'm currently accepting new clients for the New Year:)



Sara  Spowart PhD