Wish You Were Here: A Rock Fantasy
Wish You Were Here: A Rock Fantasy

A friendship that defies time and space.
This Rock Fantasy, the expanded edition, bridges the love between band-mates with the Pop-Paranormal, set to a killer soundtrack. After years of depression following the death of his soul brother, Tomas Alvers finds himself in Heaven.

Guided by the angel Gabriel, Tomas sets out on a Dantean adventure, hoping to reunite with his beloved lead singer. Along the way, Tomas encounters famous artists and performers laughing and learning from each other, in a grueling quest to rock the heavens!

He fights an uphill battle trying to understand the rules. While exploring questions about legacy, he wonders if he will ever find his mate.

Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • Adult

Tomas has recently passed on and gone to Heaven. The Land of Plenty is vastly different than he expected. Tomas' angel guide has come to help him through his path to God and to help him with how confusing Heaven is. God has split the Land of Plenty into many different levels to accommodate the many types of believers. Those who lived a clean and virtuous life are initially put on a higher level than those who do not. However, all who come to Heaven are allowed to work their way up the levels as they mature and grow.

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