Why?: Answers to Everyday Scientific Questions
Joel Levy
Why? Answers to Everyday Scientific Questions gets to grips with concepts that appear simple and straightforward, but which most people, when asked, really can’t explain. Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why do we need sleep? Why are there 24 hours in a day? For each question, author Joel Levy provides a simple, single line answer followed by more in-depth information about the scientific background on these essential topics. The book spans physics, biology, chemistry, geology, geography, meteorology, paleontology and planetary science  - allowing readers to wow friends and family alike with pithy answers to the obvious questions they never thought to ask.

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  • Nonfiction

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  • 12 and up
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This book is about questions that come up unanswered in people’s minds.  It tells people answers to questions like why leaves are green and why the year has 365 days in it.  It is full of facts that can surprise most anyone who reads it.  It explains science fiction in a whole new way.  Find out the most outrageous, but true, facts by reading this book.

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Why?: Answers to Everyday Scientific Questions by Joel Levy

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Joel Levy’s Why? Answers to Everyday Scientific Questions is chock full of information. Short articles that begin with one sentence summaries answer more than 50 different questions about “Nature and the Earth,” “The Human Body and Mind,” and “Physics and Space.” If you have ever asked yourself questions like “Why are there 365 days in a year?” “Why is blood red?” or “Why does the sea appear blue?” then you’ll find clearly written answers in this book.

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