Who is Tanksy?
Who is Tanksy?
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Fourteen-year-old Tanya Kofsky is invisible. She hates that no one listens to her, at home or at her new school. So as student elections get underway, Tanya starts secretly painting controversial images on the walls of the school. Soon everyone is talking about this amazing artist with a lot to say.

The election results turn out to be a catalyst for more rebellion. And not just from students. Teachers, tired of the principal's authoritarian leadership, start promoting self-expression. Even the lunch ladies join in, ignoring the strictly controlled menu and serving more nutritious and culturally diverse fare.

But can this revolution effect real change? Or will speaking up lead to complete disaster?

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Can you imagine switching schools all of the time and trying to figure out how to fit in? Fourteen-year-old Tanya Kofsky is certain no one listens to her at home or school. She feels she's not seen or heard. So she finds a way to get her thoughts out without anyone knowing she is behind the messages—graffiti! As she helps her friend who is campaigning for class president, she also works on voicing her opinion through her artwork.

Tanya Kofsky has just moved to a new town so her mom can take care of her grandpa. But Tanya finds that, except for a new candidate for class president, the student body largely ignores her. Tanya struggles to navigate the hardheadedness of not only her peers but also her grandpa. To "speak out" against the school principal and his policies, she turns to her favorite (although illegal) art medium—powerful and symbolic graffiti. It turns out that a good majority of the student body agree with her views and want change as well, yet the principal controls everything.

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