When the World Ends...
When the World Ends. . .
When the World Ends...
J. J. Marshall
"We're here as a terrorist cell looking to bring down the Board of Officials that essentially controls the entire Human Race. Those on Earth may have their own figures of authority in the Spheres but whether they ultimately live or die depends on decisions that the Board make. If we take them down then Humanity after they're gone can only be better" At the dawn of the 22nd Century, the Earth is dead. A lethal alien organism has rendered the planet uninhabitable and a small fraction of humanity has retreated to Space and the Moon. Those that remain on Earth are trapped in huge Spheres that encompass entire cities, tinted to defend against the deadly U.V. radiation that the atmosphere no longer protects Humanity from. 17-year-old Alec Corbett lives aboard the adapted International Space Station. One ordinary day in his mundane life he transforms his potential when he discovers information that could expose the corruption of the Board of Officials that now controls humanity. Armed with nothing but knowledge and his friend Jonah Jones by his side, Alec's righteous judgement leads them on a merciless and unforgiving path. For there is one key problem - the information comes from his father Landon Corbett; a member of the Board. Pitted against his own flesh and blood, Alec finds himself in a unique position to end the Board of Officials' dictatorship over Humanity. However, all is not as it seems and as the stakes grow increasingly higher, Humanity reaches the brink of all-out-war. Only Alec and his group of friends can peacefully negate the situation, but it all depends on whether or not anyone will listen to a 17-year-old boy.

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When the World Ends... by J.J. Marshall is an action-packed thriller of a book. The main character is Alec Corbett, the son of a hated official named Landon Corbett. The Corbetts live upon a space station called the ISS halfway between Earth and the moon. On the ISS, people are judged by where they live. On Level 1, people are thought to be dirty and plebian. On Level 3, the people are thought to be dignified. Alec lives on Level 3, but has a friend on Level 1 that his dad will not let him talk to. Landon is evil, and he doesn't like the people on Level 1.

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Alec Corbett took one look at the document and knew he needed to act, and act fast.  Living with his father on the International Space Station, the ISS, had never been fun; Landon Corbett was a member of the Board of Officials, a group that pretty much dictates humanity, and had become completely heartless during his membership.  Angry with his father, Alec finds plans that the Board, specifically Landon, made to murder thousands of people.  They wanted to make it look like they were helping the unfortunate humans living on the devastated Earth; Alec realizes that it is time

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The story is mainly about the earth and how the rays from the sun are destroying it. People are struggling with life. Special UAV light shields are placed around cities to block the rays from messing up people skin. Time by time they send a shuttle to the moon so they can begin life there because the Earth is soon coming to an end.

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A young teenage boy named Alec Corbett, the complete opposite of his serious father, is stationed in living quarters at an ISS base. They both live there for the current moment. While he and his very-difficult-to-live-with father are at the top of the "food chain," there's more going on than they see. Down on the lower levels, a rebellion may be forming. Opposed to the President's and his father's choices about who lives where, the food and water supply, and everything thing else they make decisions about, Alec one day decides to go to a lower level.

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When the World Ends, By J. J. Marshall

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It's the beginning of the 22nd Century and the Earth is all but destroyed. An alien organism from a failed mission has destroyed the planet's ozone has made life impossible. A  small part of humanity has gone into space and moon bases on the Moon. The ones that remain on Earth are stuck in giant spheres to protect them from radiation. 

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