What about the Creek Walker monster?
What about the Creek Walker monster?

The story “What about the Creek Walker Monster?” is about a young boy named Daniel who is curious, fascinated and afraid of a monster which he is told lives in the creek behind his home. With the help of his father, Daniel is pleasantly surprised when he unravels the mystery of the Creek Walker Monster. The book is 42 pages.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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What About the Creek Walker Monster is a story about a young boy, Daniel, on a quest to discover the monster living near his house. He hears about this peculiar creature from some of his friends. The monster is muddy, smelly, and resembles a mop. Daniel is determined to find out about this monster! He begins to question his father and other people around town to gather more information about the validity of its existence. Does the Creek Walker Monster exist? Will Daniel find the monster?

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