The third book in the Hunter's Moon Universe finds Kidahin and Marsch engaging in battle.

Kidahin led a surface action assault team as they prowled the forward reconnaissance mission. Although their assault mistress, she was also the youngest team member. Ordering them about was fraught with hidden peril. Eyloni females held social and hierarchical rank standings. Social rank depended on society membership and adulthood age. Hierarchical rank depended on the hierarchy. Insulting the honor of high-ranking hierarchy females often led to honor debt crimes. Kidahin's twenty Hunter female team included eleven ranking her socially and four ranking her in hierarchy standing.

Yet Kidahin ranked them in military rank, rank given by her warleader. Military rank, male recognition, mattered to females and made all the difference.

Stuck on an alien world, Kidahin thought about Delwyn. He was engaging the enemy fleet in orbit above. She had chosen him as warleader, had helped him during his adulthood survival ordeal. She worried for him. Males always needed females to keep them safe.

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  • Science Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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In the science fiction novel WARPACT, which is set in a world populated by hunters, Kidahin, who was raised in a socially and hierarchically structured society, led the higher socially ranked females by using her military status and male respect. Kidahin plots tactics, goes through the process of becoming recognized as a leader, and then becomes trapped in an alien world while trying to avoid the enemy. Delwyn has always been protected by Kidahin. Kidahin gets promoted and realizes she can't be on Delwyn's tail anymore.

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