Walking into the Wild
Walking Into the Wild
Walking into the Wild
Join three siblings on an unforgettable journey. March, 1782. Peace has not yet been signed with England, and the Foot siblings are walking up into the Republic of Vermont, driving a stubborn cow. Like other settlers, they'd fled when Tories and Indians raided their home, capturing their Pa, and shocking their mother into silence. Now they are determined to find not only their father, but for 16-year-old Rachel, an elusive fiancé whom her sister Deborah mistrusts. Though the journey is wild, often lonely, and filled with misadventure, there is fun and laughter, too, when the three meet up with exuberant characters like Ethan Allen and a winsome young cobbler named Remember Jones. Told by rebel Deborah, who has a secret she longs to reveal, but cannot, this is also the tale of a girl coming to terms with her conscience, her imperfections, and her budding sexuality. For all three, including Abel, the youngest, it is a search for love and family.

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  • Historical Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Walking into the Wild by Nancy Mean Wright is a story about three siblings in the Foot family: strong-willed Rachel, rebellious Deborah, and mischievous Abel. It is set at the end of the American Revolution in New England. The family’s father has been captured and the mother has sunk into some kind of depression, leaving the three siblings to fend for themselves. They decide to journey from Connecticut to Vermont in hopes of finding the land and cabin they abandoned. They endure endless hours of walking and threats such as catamounts, wolves, and bears.

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