Voice Treaty Truth: Has the Christian Voice Been Heard?
Voice Treaty Truth: Has the Christian Voice Been Heard?
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Discover the essential guide to making an informed decision about the Voice to Parliament and government referendum. In this book, Barbara Miller, a pastor, sociologist, and historian, offers an insightful Christian response to the Uluru Statement From the Heart. She shares her 50 years of experience as an activist and researcher in First Nations affairs to help readers understand why she has changed her opinion. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the issues at stake and the consequences of voting yes or no.
The book will empower readers to:
• Make an informed decision on this critical issue in Australian history
• Reconcile the impact of colonialism on First Nations people
• Develop a vision for a more unified nation
• Transform their lives with deeper insight into racism, inequality, and separatism
Inside this book, readers will find:
• An expert look at the original sin of colonialism
• A comprehensive view of the referendum’s consequences
• A reflection on the impact of the Christian voice

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  • Faith-based

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Voice Treaty Truth: Has the Christian Voice Been Heard? is a compelling book on the Voice to Parliament and whether it is truly for the benefit of all Australians. The First Nations people of Australia want a body in the Australian Constitution, a "voice" that will make representations to the executive government. The book gives insight about the motivations behind political decisions and how we should approach these issues with discernment and prayers.

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Voice Treaty Truth was written by Barbara Miller was written in two weeks! Even though quickly written, the important subject matter is not presented without thought. In fact, Barbara Miller and her husband, Norman, have been involved in the aboriginal cause in Australia for decades. Her insights in this book are passionately and clearly reasoned. As with other racial issues in societies today, the issues in Australia are intensifying. This book was written quickly to address a very specific referendum.

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