Valkyrie Rising, A Nick Grant Adventure
Valkyrie Rising, A Nick Grant Adventure

Nick Grant’s summer as a US Naval Aviation Cadet is interrupted by the arrival of Commander Steve Boltz, Naval Intelligence. Boltz has an easy mission for Nick – join the crew of the Pan American Clipper survey flight to the UK. Once there assess security at the British Marine firm. They propose to build the Sikorsky S-42B under license. The S-42B is an American state-of-the-art flying boat that both the Japanese and the Germans want to copy.
US intelligence intercepts provide compelling evidence that Lieutenant Commander Toshio Miyazaki, Imperial Japanese Black Dragon, will lead a team to steal the technical specifications. Nick and Commander Boltz are the only Americans to survive an encounter with Miyazaki. Nick is to investigate and report – nothing more.
But Nick gets caught up in something vastly different – something that poses a threat to both America and Great Britain.

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  • Historical Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Nick Grant was working as an employee at Pan American Airways when he was part of a flight accident due to a problem with the flight's engine. Due to flight regulations by the CAA, Nick is unable to fly with Pan American Airways until he gets cleared from the CAA investigation of the accident. Luckily, he is spending the summer at Naval Aviation Cadet training and will get to fly there. However, when Nick reaches the training, it is not what he expects. Instead of getting to learn and fly, he is stuck doing kitchen duty at the training.

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