Uh Oh Kenzo!

When Kenzo wakes up excited about art day at school, he has no idea of the disasters that will happen. By the time he makes it home, it's up to the ones that know him best to help him answer the one question on his mind -- "Am I a good kid?" "Uh Oh Kenzo!" is a heartwarming story perfect for anyone who has ever felt like their mistakes defined them.

Book Details


  • Animals
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Uh Oh Kenzo! is a picture book about a little goat named Kenzo, who keeps on making mistakes. The book takes the reader through a day of Kenzo's life when things keep going wrong at home and at school. At home, Kenzo spiills oatmeal all over his brother's favorite shirt. During art class, he tries to hid his painting but instead knocks a can of paint over, ruining his painting and his friend's. Mishaps likes like this keep happening, making Kenzo feel like he is not a good kid. He needs some help understanding that accidents happen and that it's okay!

Profile Picture

Kenzo is a young goat who lives with his mom, dad, and little brother, JuJu. Kenzo wakes up for school one morning, excited to go to art class and paint a picture based on a dream he had the night before. Determined to have the best day ever, Kenzo gets a little too excited at breakfast and has an accident. This starts a series of mishaps and incidents that lead to a bad day at school for Kenzo. But his mom and dad help him see that accidents can happen to anyone, and good days don’t always go according to plan.

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