Erica Doggett Alphin
For as long as Devin and Erica can remember they’ve been fascinated by storytelling having grown up expressing themselves through art and stories and passing these sentiments onto their children. It makes sense that Devin and Erica became children’s book authors. However they believe in doing more than writing words. They use stories to help families build deeper bonds. “Uh Oh Kenzo!” is just one example of Devin and Erica‘s storytelling taking young minds on a magical journey while instilling key messages of inspiration.

Question 1:

Where do you get your best writing done? Do you work better, say, in nature or in organized areas?

Our writing happens in many places and is different for the both of us. Nature brings new ideas, and baths have brought clarity when battling writer's block. Even road trips have been great for new conversations and stories, and is actually where the beginnings of Uh Oh Kenzo! was written. There's so many sources of inspiration and places we've written in that it's tough to name just one, but there's also nothing like writing while curled up in the bed!


Question 2:

Do you work better alone or when you can interact with others, like your writing friends? 

Erica and I tend to write alone and to bounce ideas off of each other. That in itself has been a process of growth as we learn each other's styles and how to flow with each other's creativity.


Question 3:

Do you have a favorite character you’ve created? How are you most like that character?

Skylar from Uh Oh Kenzo! holds a special place in Erica's heart for a very personal reason. We've yet to tell her story but it's definitely on the way and we're excited about it!


Question 4:

When you create stories, do you prefer paper or digital? Or a combination of both?

Paper for sure! There is something so real and tangible about an idea sparking in your mind; developing it through thought, research and conversation; then harnessing it through your own hands into words on a paper.


Question 5:

What is most important to you? Writing or book promotion?

Writing is most important to us. We love the creativity, the fun and even the therapy of it. The book promotion is fun as well to find new ways to spread our message, but writing comes first.


Question 6:

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Think about writing!


Question 7:

Do you have any upcoming book projects you’d like to share here?

Absolutely. We're currently working on the 2nd book from our series which will be focused on Kenzo's younger brother, JuJu. We can't wait to share it with you all!










Erica Doggett Alphin