Twelve Lifetimes
Twelve Lifetimes

Elizabeth Cambridge has lived before. In fact, she has lived eleven times before, and in those lifetimes, she endured more love, more loss, and more heartache than anyone should. Tired of watching her parents die, and unable to fathom losing her soulmate again, Elizabeth seeks professional help to dissect her previous lives in an attempt to figure out how she can finally get her happy ending. But will this life be different? Can Elizabeth find the happiness she craves? Or is she destined to repeat her mistakes and suffer the same heartbreak that she has faced so many times before?

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  • Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Elizabeth remembers eleven lifetimes. The memories of each of her lives haunt her and only leave her pining for a happy ending in her now-twelfth life. To find some clarity, she finds herself going to a therapist, Jemima, and after retelling each of her lives to her therapist, Jemima tells her the same advice she does after each life story. Jemima tells her that maybe the outcome she is seeking, to live happily with her true love Adrian or variation of him that is found in each of her memories of her previous lives, is just not what Elizabeth should focus on.
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