Twelve Days of Christmas Murder and Mayhem
Twelve Days of Christmas Murder and Mayhem

Miss Marple the amateur sleuth has amazed everyone for years with her insight into murder cases. Why a murderer has never thought of knocking her off when she is on the case is a mystery. This is the story of Miss Marble quite different than the Agatha Christie character. A group is formed to kill her for revenge at Christmas time in an old castle in northern England . 
A satire

Book Details


  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult

Twelve days of Christmas Murder and Mayhem takes place at Cheatham Castle. The story follows Miss Marble, an amatuer sleuth and one of the guests at the castle’s 500 year anniversary celebration. However, what Miss Marble thought would be a nice little vacation where she could simply hear the latest gossip, turns into a murder investigation after one of the other guests attending the anniversary is killed. Miss Marble jumps into action, hoping to catch the killer before the police do and before the killer can strike again. But nothing is as it seems at Cheatham Castle.

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