Time Traitor (American Epochs-Volume 1)
Time Traitor (American Epochs) (Volume 1)
Time Traitor (American Epochs-Volume 1)
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Have you ever wished you could go back in time? Where would you go? What would you see? What if you had the power to alter history, to manipulate events and make yourself rich, famous, or powerful? Kristi Connors is too miserable in the present to care about history. Shipped off to boarding school in the midst of her parents' divorce, Kristi wants nothing more than to run home and find her mom and dad together again. In hopes of being kicked out, Kristi causes chaos throughout George Washington Prep, and especially enjoys harassing her brash, ill-tempered history teacher, Dr. Xavier Arnold, with endless pranks. Ty Jordan just wants to be left alone. Sent to GWP by his English stepfather after the sudden death of his mother, Ty dreams of disappearing into the pages of the books he reads, far away from the bullies who torment him at every turn. When the two unlikely friends find themselves in Dr. Arnold’s detention dungeon, they make a startling discovery—their teacher has invented a working time machine! The next thing they know, Kristi and Ty are jettisoned back in time to the Revolutionary War as part of Dr. Arnold’s scheme to change American history in favor of his infamous ancestor and the country’s greatest traitor, General Benedict Arnold. They soon realize their lives in the twenty-first century, a time of cell phones, flat screens, and iPods, weren’t as bad as they’d imagined. But to get home, they must thwart their teacher’s mad scheme while evading slave catchers, surviving bloody battles, and serving as nurses for sick and wounded soldiers. Follow Kristi and Ty on their trek through time in TIME TRAITOR.

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  • Historical Fiction
  • Series
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  • 8 - 12
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Time Traitor by Todd McClimans is a riveting tale of misadventure, greed, history, and friendship.

Kristi Connors and Ty Jordan have almost nothing in common except that they both attend the same boarding school, George Washington Prep. And they both have the same history teacher, Dr. Xavier Arnold. One day, after Kristi pulls one of her many practical jokes on Dr. Arnold, she is placed in detention. Following a series of unfortunate events, Kristi discovers one of Dr. Arnold’s big secrets: he has been building and perfecting a time machine!

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In Time Traitor by Todd McClimans, the main characters, Kristi Connors and Ty Jordan, are just two kids attending George Washington Prep School. Kristi hates the place and is trying to get herself kicked out by humiliating her history teacher, Xavier Arnold. She rigs up his desk with explosive fireworks, unscrews his desk chair, and basically just annoys him every waking hour at Washington Prep.  

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