Tesania - Trannyth's Keep
Tesania - Trannyth's Keep
Tesania - Trannyth's Keep
Tesania is the only survivor after her village is massacred by magically altered beasts. In the aftermath of the attack she senses her father's sword calling out to her, the hilt reforming to fit her small hand as she draws the blade from its sheath. With its magic tingling at her nerves, she embarks on a mission of revenge. Could her father's sword be the ancient weapon spoken of in the decaying parchments of the Tenule chronicles, imbued with magic and forged with blood? Can it possibly make the difference when she stands before the evil mage, Trannyth, and demands her vengeance on his beasts?Tesania - Trannyth's Keep is a 132,000 word (500 page) novel.

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
Profile Picture
Tesania is just the teenage daughter of a blacksmith in
her small village. All that changes when a troop of beasts
massacre her village and kill her parents. Now she's a teen
with a mission: to kill Tyrannth, the evil mage in charge of
the beasts. Along the way Tesania meets Deavon, a ranger who
is willing to help her get revenge. Together they assemble a
band consisting of the ranger Aldan, The soldiers Giddy and
Raim, The mages Nasha and Elddyn, Tean the monk, and Kailyn
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