Stuff - The Life of a Cool Demented Dude
Stuff - The Life of a Cool Demented Dude
Matthew S. Armstrong, Jeremy Strong
Stuff. My head's full of it. I don't even know where most of it comes from. I just seem to pick it up, like my brain emits a special sort of tractor beam that locks on to pointless information. But in the face of my problems, all the extra stuff is proving useless. What problems? you ask. I shall tell you.Problem 1: The invasion of my home. Dad's new girlfriend moved in, and, even worse, she brought along her daughter, who has no sense of humor and no taste in music.Problem 2: My girlfriend, Delfine. Her brother would break both my arms if I broke up with her. Problem 3: The new girl at school. Stunning. Gorgeous. Willowy. My Destiny (but see Problem 2).Problem 4: My comic strip. At first it was cool to anonymously author the strip in the school paper, but now that everyone suspects who they are in the strip, I run the risk of getting my legs broken in addition to my arms (see above).Clearly, I need to plan The Great Escape!Part hilarious musings, part graphic novel, stuff is the quirky exposé of a fourteen-year-old boy who, let's face it, could use a little help.

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  • 12 and up
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Life isn't always easy, and never has that saying been truer for Simon. His parents are divorced, and now Simons house has been taken over by GIRLS(Sherry Trifle, his dads girlfriend, and Natasha, his new stepsister)!!! What's more is that there is an evil man-obsessed rabbit that wants to kill Simon and his dad! But Simon finds solace in his comic book drawings and dreaming about a new girl in his class, Sky.

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