The Strawberry Toad
The Strawberry Toad
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Tom the Toad is in search of a home after living underground for the winter. He finds a beautiful garden, but encounters a lot of obstacles while trying to find the perfect spot to call home. Take the journey with Tom and learn a little along the way about how important these tiny and overlooked creatures are in a healthy garden or ecosystem. Toads and other amphibians are incredibly sensitive to toxins in the environment, so to find them living in a garden or at your local pond is a treasure! While much of the focus is on the importance of bees (and rightfully so), we should not overlook the importance of these other tiny, warty creatures!

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  • Animals
  • Educational
  • Environment
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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The Strawberry Toad is a book about a little toad who is looking for a home. He encounters various options that do not work for him. He eventually finds a garden that he likes and meets a gardener who understands his needs and helps him.

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In The Strawberry Toad, Tom the Toad is looking for a new home after emerging from underground during the long winter months. He wants a place that will keep him safe and provide for his needs. When he finds a garden, it seems like the perfect place. There are flowers, herbs, and many friends. But as he explores the garden, he struggles to find the perfect spot to make his home. He is exhausted from his journey and must get some rest. He is startled by a woman who tends the garden. Will she allow him to stay or nudge him on his way? 

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