The Spinach in My Teeth
The Spinach in My Teeth
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The Spinach in My Teeth begins when a little boy named Riley is getting ready for his first day at a new school. Riley's mom packs his favorite lunch, a big spinach salad. Of course, it gets stuck in his teeth. After the embarrassing discovery that he has been walking around sporting a green glob all afternoon, an encounter with a sly, sassy, rhyming rabbit and her friends—who naturally love spinach—gives Riley a new appreciation for the leafy green. And he passes it on to his friends, too!

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  • Animals
  • Educational
  • Juvenile Fiction
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Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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The Spinach in My Teeth is a book about a little boy named Riley and his first day at school. Riley has his mom pack him a spinach salad for lunch that day. Riley climbs onto the bus and is on his way to school. His morning is terrific, and then it’s lunchtime! Riley is excited to have a big spinach salad for lunch. It’s his favorite lunch, after all. After lunch, none of the kids want to talk to him. What will Riley do?

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The Spinach in My Teeth is a great book with two purposes - to teach and to entertain! It's about a boy who has an embarrassing first day of school - with spinach in his teeth from a spinach salad he has at lunch! At the end of the day, someone tells him about it, and he goes home sad and embarrassed. He says he doesn't want to have spinach again. That is until he meets a few unlikely friends who show him a whole new world of spinach.

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