SPANKY: A Soldier's Son
SPANKY: A Soldier's Son

Spanky loves snakes, sketching, camping, and, well, maybe girls. While his dad is fighting grown bullies in Afghanistan, school bully, Mack Malone, has Spanky in his crosshairs. Worse yet, whenever Spanky needs to defend himself, help a friend, or. . . OMG. . . save his teacher's life, he freezes! The overnight Outdoor Ed camping trip is Spanky's best chance to catch the attention of a special girl. It could also make his dad proud to have him for a son. Turns out, it could get him suspended. Ultimately, Spanky learns to face his fears and what it really means to be a hero.

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction
  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

When Spanky’s father gets drafted in the army Spanky has to deal with his mom. He has to look after her and take care of her. To top it off, he is feeling pretty bad himself. Can he deal with school, his mom, and his own feelings? In school, he has a crush and he is being bullied. When his grade goes on a camping trip, he gets in a sticky situation with the bullies.

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