Somewhere in Minnesota; Short Stories
Somewhere in Minnesota; Short Stories
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With springtime in the air, a toddler chases a ball onto a melting ice-covered lake far beyond his parents' reach.

As the chill of Autumn comes to Minnesota, Max opens the door to find a grizzled drifter on the doorstep. Then Max realizes he knows the man.

When Julie returns to her mother's home on the shores of Lake Superior, she sees an odd shape tossed by the waves onto the beach. What is it?

Somewhere in Minnesota is a short story collection about the frenetic human experience and the ways in which life manifests itself and delivers defining moments. With Minnesota lakes and seasons as the backdrop, each story shares a different tale of characters experiencing life's unexpected turns - from peculiar circumstances to moments of crisis - that at least temporarily set their world off its axis.

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  • Adult
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Jayna Locke has created a wide expanse of characters and plots in a collection of captivating tales. Each contemporary story has roots Somewhere in Minnesota and in some of life’s pivotal moments. Making choices amid uncertainty and loss, these are stories of love and hope.


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A young man anxious about taking the next step toward marriage with his long-time girlfriend, an emotionally raw family living through a tough and dysfunctional family Thanksgiving, and tight-knit siblings trying to keep in touch when their lives take them in different directions, are all some of the touching short stories in Jayna Locke's, Somewhere in Minnesota. The short stories are all about the human frailties, emotions, and decisions that adult humans ruminate over and experience through various moments, events, and life decisions: the twists and turns of life. 

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