I don't Hate Jimmy Carter
I don't Hate Jimmy Carter
I don't Hate Jimmy Carter
I don't Hate Jimmy Carter is a commentary about what can happen when we lose focus about the lessons of failure and the overemphasis of success at any cost. It is about one person’s coming to terms with a major event that can be life-defining, without being life debilitating. If you've ever made that one mistake that you wish you could time-machine away, then you will appreciate this story.

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This short story is about the lesson of endurance, despite our imperfections. Written in a first person perspective, the author tells a little bit about himself, along with an experience in his life he hopes others will learn from. The lesson? We win some and we lose some, but we can’t let our failures define us. Those who fail will be led to success. For the author, Jimmy Carter played a role in helping him realize this himself.

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Free ebook 'I don't Hate Jimmy Carter' available on Amazon Kindle January 20, 2018.
9 months 4 days ago
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Thank you Oldies_But_Goodies for your honest and candid review of "I don't Hate Jimmy Carter." I am encouraged to work hard to present writing that is enjoyable and informative. Please check out my other short story "The Star of The Serpent."
5 months 3 weeks ago
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